Friday, 16 April 2010

High Street and sound

Today I had fun putting the sound of ambient street noise over the main stage animation, used the word fun loosely, as it actually gave me a headache as I am using action script three which I've never used before and only ever used action script 2 and even then I wasn't that great at it, so the slightest hiccup in using action script three takes me a while to figure out, there's only so many tutorials on the Internet that actually help with your problems, the problem I have is the audio I was trying to put on it on frame one and after much blood sweat and tears still haven't managed to get it working properly, from frame one you go to frame two & three and then you come back you have to come back to frame one to get three or to get 2 so I can get the sound to stop when you go to frame three or two but when you come back it stops the sound altogether I'm still looking into this.

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