Thursday, 29 April 2010

cars now have sound!!!

managed to sort out the car sound problem, before the cars would pass by the screen with no sound , but now i have them hit a mark and the sound plays , took me a while but i figured it out, i created two sounds in adobe soundbooth , on of a normal car passing by and other with the radio on playing a beatles song. which works really well. there not on a random timer but the uneven times that the cars reapear give the impression of random.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Troubles with audio

having troubles with the audio at the moment, the sound from stage 1 seems to play over the other sounds in stage 2 and 3, so i added a stopall code to it and that seemed to have worked till i realised it wouldnt play at all, if the user came out of stage 2 or 3 the sound on the stage 1 would stop all together.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Audio in the studio.

Added audio today not quite what i wanted but its taken me the best part of the day to get it to work, ive added four buttons with four songs, the idea being the beatles are in the studio and have either just finished recording or about to start and you can check the songs they just made.the page gives you the feeling of being the sound man. along with the pictures of the beatles and other iconic images it really makes you feel nostalgic.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Audio section

The audio section of the site was originally to be the original main section until I had to late idea to change it think I was very wise in my decision as adding audio is not as easy as it seems, at this point I have noticed that the size of my file is getting extraordinarily large so in order to cut down on file size I have some audio files playing from an external file, for this I had to search tutorials on how to do it because it never done it before I always embedded my music into the website.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

Today I added Lucy in the sky with diamonds it was an idea that came to me when making the background for the pepper land page because in photo shop I wrote the name Lucy in the sky and I photo shopped diamonds of different colours around the name, I decided it would be a great idea if you could hover over the diamond and have it play a section of the tune from the actual song, and choosing the intro was really great idea because it was very recognisable and everybody who has used my site to give me feedback and said that they like that bit the best it catches them off guard and they like it.

Sunday, 18 April 2010


The land has turned out to be harder than I expectedit's a good job I decided to get rid of the games and keep it as an interactive piece because it's becoming a nightmare to code that you learn in the second year in action script 2 you find it sometimes obsolete, granted some code still works but not everything, I've been experimenting with bone tool which is a new addition to Adobe Flash CS4 I've been using this Army images that I could ready for animating the only problem is it it doesn't like using PNG images which all my images are so it makes it very difficult, having said that I still managed to animate some characters using the bone tool and they look pretty good.

Friday, 16 April 2010

High Street and sound

Today I had fun putting the sound of ambient street noise over the main stage animation, used the word fun loosely, as it actually gave me a headache as I am using action script three which I've never used before and only ever used action script 2 and even then I wasn't that great at it, so the slightest hiccup in using action script three takes me a while to figure out, there's only so many tutorials on the Internet that actually help with your problems, the problem I have is the audio I was trying to put on it on frame one and after much blood sweat and tears still haven't managed to get it working properly, from frame one you go to frame two & three and then you come back you have to come back to frame one to get three or to get 2 so I can get the sound to stop when you go to frame three or two but when you come back it stops the sound altogether I'm still looking into this.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


To give the feel of a more natural high street atmosphere I added the images of cars passing by when you're on the main screen the code that I used on the cars so that once they pass by they are a random sequence so once they disappear off the stage they take X amount of time to drive by again, the only problem I had with this was finding a way to get the audio file of car passing by as and when it passed by the middle of the screen I tried using a hit test at first but got nowhere.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Research for website

Every purchased a issue of the daily Mirror because they were giving away a free magazine with every copy it had 151 unseen and rare photos and also had some useful information inside about the Fab four.
Also picked up from Asda in Hull any special anniversary celebration edition magazine on the Beatles called hello goodbye it was five pounds and it was packed with loads of photos lots of rare information as well this I thought would be good to incorporate into the website somehow.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Jeremy (the BOOB)

Jeremy is a character in the yellow submarine he helps the Beatles find their way to pepperland and then helps fight the blue meanies he's quite a pinnacle character in the film so I thought it would be wrong of me to leave him out of the website.

Blue meanie's

What would the yellow submarine movie be without the blue meanies they are the bad guys in the movie and are probably the most recognisable second to the actual yellow submarine, at first they were going to be static images in the website but I thought that it would be better if they were animated in a way, so I sketched down some rough drawings of them so you'd have hands separate to feet and bodies separate to heads, the only thing that I can see wrong or that might cause me problems is that the images are taking very long to colour in in photo shop it's a long process first you draw them with a pencil ,draw the outline with a fine liner pen and scan them in, once scanned in you open them in Adobe Illustrator from there you vector image them and then you open it in photoshop to finish the colouring. This I can foresee taking me a while.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Because I bought the DVD it meant I had a large selection of images to choose from, I would pause the DVD at certain points in the film and sketch down characters and creatures, plants, etc.
These are some of my early sketches of trees some are my own ideas and some are taken from the movie yellow submarine, also I made my own creatures as well as taking some creatures from the movie.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Characters in pepperland

These are some early images that I made for the clouds which won't populate pepperLand the one with the wires coming out of the top words of very early idea this was back when I was going with the idea of having it look as if it was from a pop-up book is for the images were cutout paper and put onto the stage.

When researching a pepper land I looked at lots of the images on Google, but I even found the images on Google were not that good there were some really good reference tools for colours apart from that there was a really a lot, some of my early designs for clouds were large images with swirly circles inside I really like these in black and white when it came to put them in colour and in really think they were suitable for my website.
I purchased the DVD the yellow submarine this was a big help as it gave me limitless supplies of images due to the fact that when they made the film no two trees or creatures were alike, that I found very useful.