Friday, 2 April 2010

Characters in pepperland

These are some early images that I made for the clouds which won't populate pepperLand the one with the wires coming out of the top words of very early idea this was back when I was going with the idea of having it look as if it was from a pop-up book is for the images were cutout paper and put onto the stage.

When researching a pepper land I looked at lots of the images on Google, but I even found the images on Google were not that good there were some really good reference tools for colours apart from that there was a really a lot, some of my early designs for clouds were large images with swirly circles inside I really like these in black and white when it came to put them in colour and in really think they were suitable for my website.
I purchased the DVD the yellow submarine this was a big help as it gave me limitless supplies of images due to the fact that when they made the film no two trees or creatures were alike, that I found very useful.

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